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About Us


China Metallurgical Group Corporation (Hereinafter MCC Group) is China’s leading multidisciplinary and multinational company under SASAC supervision (China’s State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission). China Minmetals and MCC Group had successfully been restructured, which is the first strategic restructuring between two domestic companies both ranked among the Fortune Global 500 in China. According to the Global Fortune 500 in 2022, we are ranked 58th. It has since grown into one of the world largest metallurgical company. Over the years, MCC group has further developed beyond metallurgical and into EPC contracting, natural resources exploitation and development, equipment manufacturing, and real estate development. MCC Group was one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to enter Malaysia. MCC Overseas (M) Sdn Bhd (Hereinafter MCC Malaysia) was established on May 7, 1992 to serve Malaysia with cutting edge technologies and services from China. Currently, MCC Malaysia is involved in 19 projects across Malaysia, including project design and consulting, project management, and project contracting.

中冶集团是国务院国资委监管的特大型企业集团,是新中国最早一支钢铁工业建设力量,也是中国冶金工 业的开拓者和主力军。中国中冶与中国五矿成功合并后成为中国首个两家世界500强企业的战略重组,2022年世界500强排名第58位。中冶集团凭借自身强大的冶金建设能力,成为以工程承包、 资源开发、装备制造、房地产开发为主,多专业、跨行业、跨国经营的特大型企业集团。中国中冶马来西亚公司于1992年5月7日正式成立。中国中冶马来西亚公司主要针对马来西亚客户,提供整体解决方案以及工程咨询、工程设计、工程总承包尤其在高端房建等领域的技术服务。截至2023年3月, 中国中冶马来西亚公司已完成了19项总承包项目涵盖个房建,钢厂,铁合金厂及玻璃厂项目,分布在全马各地。

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Company Profile

Kindness and Sincerity<br />

Kindness and Sincerity

Contains the twofold meaning of “kindness as good as water and genuine sincerity”, which emphasizes the highest level of benevolence likes the characteristics of water humidifying all the growing creatures in the world and not fighting for fame and wealth.


Rectitude and Embrace<br />

Rectitude and Embrace

Contains the meaning of Sincerity, Rigorous, Loyalty and Harmony, which requires the company management and staff should be well conducted with the virtue of tolerance, virtuous and sincere and kind.

正直包容 :包含了诚信、严谨、忠诚、和谐等多层含义,是指企业管理者和员工做人品行端正之外,还应有容人之德、厚道之品和善良之心。

Gratefulness and Dedication感恩奉献

Gratefulness and Dedication感恩奉献

Indicates that all the achievements are conferred by the customers, employees and the society. We should be feeling thankful so as to dedicate to the society, humankind and realize the value of the enterprise.


Our Philosophy

Vision and Mission

Vision<br />


Wisdom creates brilliant future.
Mission<br />


Become World-class Engineering and Service Company

Strategic Goal

For business landscape, we primarily engage in EPC business and natural resources exploitation. By the end of 2015, we will improve the synergetic supports for the core businesses through real estate development, logistics and trade services provision, and the development of other emerging industries, achieving operating revenue of 7 billion RMB. For regional layout, we are determined to realize the integrated development of our traditional markets in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, and Guam. To accelerate business expansion, we aim at achieving major breakthroughs in new markets like Russia, Mongolia, South Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, America and etc.

我们的业务规划,目前主要从事EPC业务和自然资源开发。 截至2015年底,我们将通过房地产开发,物流和贸易服务提供以及其它新兴产业的发展,提高核心业务的协同支持,实现营业收入70亿元人民币。 在区域布局方面,我们决心全面实现香港、印度、印度尼西亚、澳大利亚、马来西亚、越南、泰国、伊朗、土耳其和关岛等传统市场的综合发展。 为加快业务扩张,我们的目标是在俄罗斯,蒙古,南非,中东,中亚,美国等新市场取得重大突破。

Overall Strategy

The Company implements “The Growth Strategy of Related Diversification”. We integrate the management mode of EPCM and CM to improve our core competitiveness in international engineering contracting, and create diversified value through real estate development, resource exploitation, provision of logistics and trade services, and the strategic development of other emerging industries.

公司实施“关联多元化增长战略”。 我们整合EPCM和CM的管理模式,提高我们在国际工程承包中的核心竞争力,通过房地产开发、资源开发、提供物流和贸易服务 以及其它新兴产业的战略发展创造多元化价值。

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